Mohamed Ekrayem Company” was established in 1970; for General Trading (Import & Export). A new division specialized in Computers and, related accessories were added in 1986; we named it”Ekrayem Computer Company“. We are Mohamed Ekrayem Sons; Khaldoun, Mahmoud and, Bilal. “Joined our father in late 80’s as partners in the Computer business that; bloomed so rapidly during the decade of the 80’s. In 1996, we changed the company name to its current name; “M. Ekrayem Sons Co.” with total staff of 75 employees in all specialties and, skills.

Our company is divided into five major divisions; they are as follows:
1- Administration.
2- Marketing & Sales.
3- Showrooms & Displaying.
4- Accounting & Dispatching Orders.
5- Warehouses & Storage Areas.

On 1999 we were named as “LG IT Products Sole Agent in Syria”

Our main activities are promoting & maintaining of the following products:

Computers: All related PC Accessories (locally Assembled) mainly LG Monitors.
Monitors: LG: All sizes, All Models Conventional FLAT, FLATRON, TFT and, PDP).
Peripherals: Printers: HP.
Modem & Fax Cards, Network Cards.
Keyboards Mouse's: LG
Data Storage: CD-Rewriter: LG.
CD - ROMs: LG.
Networking Products: Hubs: LAN, Adapters & UPS.
Supplies & Accessories: Inkjet Cartridges & Laser Toner Cartridges; Media and CD –Media; Data Cartridges & Diskettes.

Kitchen and tables wares: we have been in this business since 1965, a sole agent of Acrobal & ARC the famous French Glass & Oven wares from 1975 – 1985with network of seven disturbers in Syria.

*The historical event that; on June 2004 we opened the first Shopping Mall in Syria named: "Town Center"
Town Center is the first and biggest Mall/Department store of its kind in Damascus. (Covering an area of 45000m2) It was established in 2004 and is located about 3 kilometers away from the city center. A new extension was completed in 2006 and we are still working on improvements to increase the space and stores.
Town Center brings all kinds of shops to you in one place and it has the biggest supermarket in Syria. Also, you may find the most famous brands in fashion, shoes, electrical appliances, electronics, sport equipment, linen, stationery, optical glasses, cosmetics, restaurants, cafes and furniture.
At Town Center there are many services waiting for you like Wireless Internet, a pharmacy, ATM machines, Visa card service, and free parking.
Children are of the upmost importance in people's lives and for this reason we have prepared several fun and safe places that suit all ages.
While shopping you will discover various places to take a rest and enjoy an Eastern, Western, Chinese, or Italian meal in our Shamina restaurant , or at the most famous fast food restaurants like Shrimpy, Texas and Cook Door.
And in 6/2008 Our company established Lama Star in Dubai as its first branch out of Syria to shop local toys , home appliances , foodstuffs , furniture

The main task for Lama Star to arrange these goods and send them to the main branch in Syria / Town Center

After Sale Services:
We are determined to promote our After-Sale Services (installation, Software & Hardware support) through the continuous training of our qualified staff in all fields to provide the best service in town.
It is worth mentioning that; we have remarkably succeeded in establishing an expanding Network of Distributors- over 300 Wholesalers & Retailers who own and run Showrooms and displaying areas in many sensitive places in Greater Cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Hama, Homs, Tartours, Deir Ezzor, Darraa and many others Syrian cities.

We have established Three SVCs; The Main One at the Head Office premises in Damascus. The Second one is in the City of Aleppo (366 K.M.) to the north, dedicated for repairing LG Monitors. The Third SVC is in the city of Homs (190 K.M) to Northwest of Damascus City.
We named those three centers "LG MNT Repair Centers" for preventive Maintenance (Free of Charge) and, Breakdown repairs, run by number of highly skilled Engineers and, well trained Technicians who performs repair and maintenance on a daily standby basis to:
1. Provide assistance and technical support. -The Help Desk - during working time and, with maximum complete repairs of 48 hours from receipt at the center.
2. We also comply with swap /replacement policy for certain cases.

Since we are an Authorized Distributor of HP Printers in Syria, we offer a full of 1(One) year on site warranty. This free maintenance covers the Factory Malfunction breakdowns.

*The Centers Always Keep a Reasonable Stock of Spare Parts*

MES-Dubai Co.:
Established in 2009 as a main distributor of LG Products to Syria & Iraq.
Also it becomes a main distributor for EPSON products to Iraq, Egypt, OMAN, Yemen, and Emirates.
Located at Jabal Ali Free Zone to make benefits of the great facilities offered by this port for importing and re-exporting goods, and for the privileged services of Dubai at general.
We have some big warehouses at Jabal Ali to keep a reasonable stock of all items all the time to fast response to customers demands.
We have the most trained stuff for fulfilling all customers requirements.
We have made a sincere commitment to our community to continuo providing them with UP –TO- DATE of the most recent advanced of technology in order to narrow the gap and, meantime to catch up with the rest of the world.

We are looking forward to honor our commitments and, maintain our position as a leader at our IT products market. Furthermore we will be looking forward to extend and, increase our Market share gradually and inevitably with the help and support of your attended Co.

Very truly yours,
Khaldoun Ekrayem

Managing Director

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